Memberships offers several different memberships for both men and women. With a membership you are guaranteed to receive the most optimal physical training programs with the latest scientific methods in training

The different memberships are designed to reach your desired goals in the shortest time possible. Every membership will provide you with all the optimal training variables which will leave you with no guesswork.

The differences between the memberships are in the length and amount of training programs you will receive. There are also differences in the extra’s and privileges you’ll receive with your membership. You can choose between the following memberships:

Completely free, receive 4 weeks of training. Sign up Now
3 Phases, 12 weeks training program Buy Now
6 Phases, 24 weeks training program Buy Now
12 Phases, 48 weeks training program Buy Now

All memberships require minimal registration. Registration is absolutely FREE!

About the memberships:
Each membership (Silver and up) consists of a specific training program per level for a specific amount of training phases.

 Levels: Training programs:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Strength
  • Weight Control
  • Body Building (for men) or Body Shaping (for women)

One phase is equal to four weeks of the Overload Principle training. Each training per level has a life cycle of twelve phases maximum!

Exercises, reps, sets, weights, rest between sets, frequency, periodisation every variable will be in complete synergy so you will know exactly what to do each and every training.

With the use of breakthrough methods such as your “Personal Point of Overload” (P.P.O.) all the training variables will be continuously adjusted to provide you a constant improvement towards your desired goals

It does not matter which membership you choose or what your goal is, you will get your desired results faster than you ever thought was possible.

When you become a member of you will receive some exclusive privileges such as:
  • receive discounts up to 40% on our products
  • free access to the T.O.P. free weights exercise index
  • free updates of the T.O.P. Exercise index
  • free special reports about training, nutrition, supplements and rehabilitation
  • free personal online trouble shooting questions & answers with the founders of*

* Only Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships

  • your desired Membership
  • your level of Training experience
  • your training Goal


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