Overload Principle

The name “TheOverloadPrinciple” represents the most important and misunderstood principle of physical training.

The human body is involved in a constant process of adapting to stresses or lack of stresses placed upon it. When you stress the body in a manner it’s unaccustomed to (overload), the body will react by causing physiological changes (adaptation) to be able to handle that stress in a better way the next time it occurs.

Every tissue in the body adapts to different kinds of stress. So if for example you want your muscles to grow, you must create the right kind of “overload” in the target muscle so it will adapt by increasing in size. If for example you want a muscle to just get stronger and not bigger, you must create overload in the target system which in this case is mostly neurological.

Simply stated if you do not achieve “OVERLOAD” during your workout you will not improve.

The biggest problem with almost every training program is that it does cause little or any overload in the target system such as muscles, nerves, lungs, hart, bones, tendons etc……

How do you know if you reached overload in your target system? How do you know if your training made any sense? The answer………..Your Personal Point of Overload (PPO)

When you apply all the prescribed principles in our programs, you know exactly when you reached your Personal Point of Overload (PPO). You know exactly when you stressed your body enough, forcing it to adapt to the stresses which where place upon it.
With your Personal Point of Overload PPO you know exactly:

  • how many sets to perform
  • when to increase weights
  • when you reached OVERLOAD in the target system
  • all your personal training variables
  • what to do to reach OVERLOAD at every workout

Because your PPO dictates all your training variables, every training will be perfectly designed for you.
With the help of this revolutionary method your will get the most spectacular results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll become your own personal trainer.

TheOverloadPrinciple.com will continue with all the most revolutionary, scientific based ins and outs of training, nutrition and supplementation whether your goal is bodybuilding strength, fat loss or maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro if you follow our programs exactly as outlined we are totally convinced the results will astonish you.



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